I graduated from Harvard in 1997 and then joined a startup company in the bay area for a few years. I then left to study at MIT. My PhD thesis, supervised by Silvio Micali, studied three aspects of non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs.

After PhD, I worked at the Zurich IBM Research Lab. In Fall 2007, I joined the faculty in the CS department at U. of Virginia in Charlottesville. I was promoted to Associate professor (tenure) in 2013. In 2016, I moved to Northeastern University.

I’ve received the NSF Career award, the Microsoft Faculty Fellowship Award, the FEST fellowship, an Amazon Research award, an SAIC research award, a Jacobs Future of Money research prize, a Google Faculty Research Award, and the 2016 U of Virginia Professor of the year award by the student ACM chapter.

I have three children with my partner and acclaimed architectural historian Cammy Brothers and I also started a software company, Arqspin, with a colleague Jason Lawrence.

People wonder why I write my name in lower-case. There is no deep reason other than it was a habit I picked up in elementary school while learning to write cursive. I’m not picky about it, so take license and write it how you prefer.